Wagyu beef satay at affordable price for meat lovers

09/09/2022 09:00 AM

KUALA LUMPUR,  Sept 9 (Bernama) --  The delicious and expensive wagyu beef, now available in satay form and known as wagyu skewer, a popular street food in Japan, is now sold at a shop in front of Lot 10 Bukit Bintang here.

Using the halal-certified A5 wagyu beef, the wagyu skewer gives the ordinary people in the street an opportunity to also taste the most expensive meat in the market, but at an affordable price.

Manager of JONETZ by Don Don Donki, Sivaneswaran said the wagyu beef,  which is the most popular Japanese product at the supermarket and is sold for more than RM100 for just 100 gm.

 'So, we took the initiative by selling affordable wagyu skewers to get more people to taste the Japanese wagyu beef.

“It is also to provide the city folks here with another street,” he told Bernama.

He said the supermarket started selling the wagyu skewer last Ramadan.

“The wagyu beef is just sprinkled with salt and pepper as seasonings. It does not need marinating to preserve the original taste of the meat.,” he said.

The price of the wagyu skewer is RM16 for the regular version and RM20 for the premium one.

"What is important is that we follow the stipulated standard operating procedures (SOP) from the beginning to the end on how to make the wagyu skewer, from cutting the beef to how to skew and cook it.

"All the SOPs should be observed and done properly to maintain the quality of the wagyu beef," he said, adding that the wagyu skewers became viral only after three months it was on sale.

He said on average, the supermarket was able to sell up to 1,500 sticks of the regular wagyu skewer and 300 sticks of the premium type daily.

 He said the food was also promoted at the Bon Odori festival in Shah Alam, recently.

"Our purpose in making this wagyu skewer is to introduce Japanese food to the Malaysian community and at the same time promote and strengthen the friendship between the two countries," he said.

A customer Syazana Mohd Asrah, 38, from Kajang, who is a fan of wagyu beef, believes that the price offered is very reasonable and can be afforded by most people.

 "Everyone knows that wagyu beef is expensive and by having it as street food, more people can have a taste of its deliciousness," she said.


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