Chicken supply stabilises nationwide, no major shortage - MAFI

31/05/2022 05:11 PM

LUMUT,  May 31 (Bernama) -- The Ministry Of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries (MAFI) found the supply of chicken in the market throughout the country has stabilised and there were no major shortages in the past 10 days, said its minister Datuk Seri Ronald Kiandee.

“I feel chicken entrepreneurs have taken the necessary actions to ensure the supply of 1.8  to 2 million chickens daily.

“We have also stopped export for the time being to meet domestic needs," he said after making an official visit to Dinding Poultry Development Centre (DPDC), Segari, in Manjung today.

It was reported that chicken supply in several states has remained stable and was not completely cut off despite a reduction in supply received from suppliers.

The supply of chicken was reported to be insufficient in several states purportedly due to the transition to endemic phase, Aidilfitri celebration as well as panic buying following a statement that there would be a chicken supply shortage from May 20 to 22.

Asked about claims for chicken subsidy, Ronald said chicken farmers who have not received or applied, could do so after the deadline ends on June 5.

“We hope the industry would come forward to claim the subsidy. We have also increased the staff at the state level to handle applications.

“After the date, claims can still be processed. Earlier, approval was in stages but now the state level would review and the head office will make the final check,” he said.

He said so far, only RM71 million worth of subsidy had been paid despite a subsidy of RM729.43 million allocated under the Malaysian Family Price Control Scheme since Feb 5, in line with the setting of the ceiling price for standard chicken at RM8.90 per kilogramme.